Nov 05, 2018

Can’t wait for prom? We don’t blame you! However, we know that you’re probably wondering if there are any guidelines or proper etiquette to follow, so we compiled a list of 7 rules to keep in mind for prom:

  1. If a friend or family member is buying you your prom dress, always make sure to take into consideration their thoughts or opinions when shopping for the gown. Even though it is your big night, it is important to be respectful of mom’s feelings if she is kind enough to make that gesture.
  2. Make sure to check with your parents or guardians before making post-prom plans with your friends. You’re bound to receive a ton of invites to after-parties or getaways by the time the big night rolls around, so make sure to get mom and dad’s approval before setting anything in stone.
  3. Try not to slack off on schoolwork before prom. We know that prom is an exciting event, and it’s almost impossible to not feel eager to get everything considered “boring” done and over with (like studying, for example) – but prom isn’t an excuse to be careless when it comes to grades.
  4. Don’t even think about sneaking some underage drinking in before or during prom. Not only is it illegal, but also it’s definitely not a classy look for such a formal event. Although it may seem like a fun, harmless idea at the time, we can guarantee it won’t be worth the embarrassment you’ll experience later on in the evening.
  5. Keep your friends’ feelings in mind when choosing a dance partner. Even if your bff didn’t officially come as girlfriend and boyfriend with her date to prom, be considerate if she does have a crush on her date – or just any guys at prom that she is interested in, for that matter. There will be plenty of other people to dance with, and it’s just not worth risking your friendship over.
  6. Be kind and friendly to your prom date (if you do decide to bring someone). Whether it be a crush, friend or even a friend’s brother – keep in mind that this is supposed to be a fun night for them, as well – not just you. If they’re from another school or not acquainted with your friends, they’re probably nervous and may feel like an outsider – try to make them feel as comfortable as you possibly can.
  7. Remember that you are never obligated to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. Although this is more of just a general life rule than a prom one, it is important to keep in mind that whatever decisions you make are completely up to you. Whether it be during prom or after prom, make sure that you’re confident with whatever choices you end up making.