Nov 05, 2018

Never underestimate the power of good accessories. Yes, of course your dress will be the star of the night but without the proper shoes, clutch and jewelry even your fabulous dress can leave you looking bland and unexciting. We compiled the most important tips in choosing the perfect accessories for your prom night.


Get started on the right foot with the perfect shoes for prom. As with all your accessories, you will want to heavily consult the style of your dress before choosing shoes. If your dress has some sparkle, you could choose a silver or gold pair of heals to bring it out. The same goes for a solid color or short dress. Wear shoes that will pop. Flashy, sparkly shoes or a print can turn any shoe into your signature piece for the night. The opposite is true if you have wild print dress. Go simple. Solid shoes are best. Never over do your prints or dull yourself out with bland color pairings. If you do go with a solid color dress and solid color shoe, make sure one is bright and pops so you don’t fade into the background.


Don’t forget a purse or clutch. Newsflash ladies: your dates aren’t going to want to carry around your things all night; especially when it comes to your lip gloss and other emergency makeup items. You are going to need a bag to carry your cell phone, camera, money, and anything else you may need at prom. Plus bringing a purse or clutch can add some extra pizzazz to your outfit. When choosing your style clutch it is best practice to match it to your shoes in some way. Whether it’s the color of a certain buckle or the entire shoe, matching your purse and shoes can pull your whole look together.


Lastly, jewelry will always be an important and intricate part of accessorizing your dress. There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to earrings and necklaces and as always you never want to overdo it.

  • Long earrings should only be worn if your hair is down and never with a necklace.
  • Studs or no earrings should be worn if you are wearing a necklace.
  • Layered bracelets are trendy right now but 3 or 4 should be enough.
  • Simple jewelry should be worn with a complicated dress, while glamorous jewelry should be worn to dress up a simple dress.


Always consult the dress when choosing any and all accessories. Once you’ve made your choices, throw on your dress, your accessories and pull it all together with your hairstyle before the big night. Gauge whether you went overboard, need some extra or are just right so you can look absolutely glamorous on your big night.