Nov 05, 2018

Accessorizing For Prom

Prom will be here sooner than you know it! Are you ready to dazzle and shine on that special night?

Finding the right dress could take some time, but what about the accessories? Accessorizing tends to be

at the bottom of a prom girl’s priority list, but should always be considered when preparing for a time

you want to look your best. So how do you accessorize once you have the perfect dress? Check out the

following ideas to guide you to the perfect prom accessories!


Complement your look with contrasting colors: If your dress is a solid color, choose a contrasting color

that will compliment the dress and make it stand out. For instance, if you have a red dress, pair it with a

purse made of bright lapis blue gemstones.  The cool blue tone of the gemstones will contrast

wonderfully against the bright, warm red of your dress.


Pay attention to dress style: The style of your dress can greatly affect how you should accessorize.

Wearing a necklace with a halter top can be a bit much. Instead, accessorize with jewelry such as

bracelets, rings, and earrings give the perfect amount of pizzazz without looking overdone. Conversely,

strapless dresses are a great way to showcase a fantastic necklace. Try different jewelry on with your

dress to find the perfect match.


Pair neutrals with multi-colored or extremely detailed dresses: If your dress has more than one color,

choose more neutral colored jewelry and shoes. The shimmer from your jewelry will still catch attention

while still showcasing the wonderful colors of your dress. For dresses that feature heavy beading or

detailing, pair neutral colored shoes with silver or gold jewelry for a sophisticated look.


Amp up that little black dress: Everyone looks luxurious in black. When it comes to accessorizing a black

dress, two colors work perfectly – gold and silver. Pairing gold with black is a classic combination that

will give the perfect amount of shine. If gold isn’t quite your thing, then pair silver as a contrast to black

instead. Silver patterned jewelry with deep shadowed etchings brings an edgy look to a black dress. If

you’re looking to accessorize a bit more drastically, then jewel toned accessories work wonders to draw

in attention!


Remember that diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend: No matter what dress color, cut, or style you

choose, diamonds, rhinestones, or other clear gems will always make a statement. Having the right

amount of sparkle shows you know how to dress yourself with style. Similarly, pearls also compliment

almost any style and color dress. Style icon Marilyn Monroe paired pearls with a white dress constantly

for a stunning, timeless look. If you’re stuck searching for the perfect accessories, remember that you

can’t go wrong with diamonds or pearls!  


If you get stuck searching for accessories, look to your style icons for inspiration. Give yourself time to

try out accessories so you make the best choices. When you look your best, you feel your best. Make

your prom night a memorable one with a beautiful dress paired with the right accessories!