Nov 05, 2018

The school year is starting soon and the best social event of the season is falling upon us. As one of the only all grade dances, homecoming is a time to really stand out, so pick a dress that helps you do just that. Whether you are a new freshman or queen of the halls, we have some tips on how to choose the right dress for your homecoming this year.

  • Not Too Fancy. A lot of people get nervous when you say semi-formal. Is that jeans and a nice top? Skirt or fancy dress? For a semi-formal homecoming dress we stand by the comfort rule. A skirt and fancy top would quality but we would unanimously choose a shorter dress instead.
  • Knee-Length Dresses. Long dresses are thought to be more formal and are often found at formal events like Prom. Homecoming is a more relaxed school event. A dress just above the knee would be perfect for homecoming.
  • Fall and Winter Colors. Homecoming is held during early to late autumn which means your color scheme from summer no longer applies. Dark colors, whites, ivories, metallic tones and black are perfect solid color choices for fall. A darker dress with a sheen or sparkle is a great choice.
  • Weather. Every student tries to hold on to summer’s short shorts and tank tops as long as they can but by the time homecoming rolls around it’s going to be too cold for that style of clothing. Remember to bring a trendy sweater or stylish jacket or both. There will be a place for you to keep them once you get indoors so don’t worry and stay warm. You may even choose a long sleeve dress style for the fall. It’s a classic look and can keep you warm in and outside.
  • Unique Twist. Add a bit of your own style into your outfit. The best part of dressing up and going to school dances is showing your personality and dancing the night away. So stand out by accessorizing to the max or adding that little extra unique oomph that sets you apart from the rest of the student body.


Of course, homecoming isn’t all about showing off your tan from summer or your brand new dress, it’s about having fun and reconnecting with friends, new and old. Choosing a dress that helps you stand out is only the first step to having a great homecoming. So get out there and dance with your friends and get the upperclassman really talking.