Nov 05, 2018

Prom is one of the most expensive events in a teenagers life. Each year, the costs of prom rise, and in 2019, students and their families are expected to spend over $1,900 on prom night. This high school tradition doesn’t have to be as expensive as this national average – there are several ways that teens and their families can save money on the various costs of prom. Read on to see where you can cut spending to make the costs of prom more manageable.

  • Save on Florists – Couples can spend close to $100 at the florist on prom night. When it comes to floral arrangements for yourself or your date, consider the cheaper options. Instead of shopping at a florist, shop for flowers at your local grocery store, as they tend to charge considerably less for flowers. Another option is to create your own boutonniere or bouquet. Online, you can find tutorials that will allow you to create your own unique, professional-looking flower arrangements with your choice of silk or fresh flowers.
  • Save on Hair Salons – Salons can charge an excessive amount for an up-do. Instead of paying a salon, try doing your own hair. Find some styles online, then look for tutorials on how to complete these styles on YouTube or Pinterest. Then, do a few trial runs. If you absolutely cannot do your own hair, look into local beauty schools, as their students will charge significantly less for an up-do.
  • Save on Make-up – The same can be said for make-up, another cost of prom that can increase spending significantly. Girls can also lessen prom spending by doing their own makeup, having a friend do it for them, or inquiring at a beauty school about discounted rates.
  • Save on Photos – Professional photos can increase your total costs of prom pretty steeply. Instead, take your own photos with mom and dad’s camera, or on your own phone. Today’s cell phones are equipped with high quality cameras, so you won’t have to worry about your photos looking professional. Find a nice backdrop inside or outside of your home to take your photos. An added bonus to taking your own photos is you can print them the next day and not have to wait for them to be developed by the photographer!
  • Save on Accessories – When searching for prom accessories, including purses, shoes, and jewelry for ladies and shoes and ties for guys, see what you have in stock first. You may already own accessories that compliment your prom wardrobe perfectly. If not, shop the discount racks at department stores. Another option is to cut the cost of accessories out completely by borrowing jewelry from older siblings or friends who have been to prom before.
  • Save on Limos – Limousine companies raise their fees during peak-prom season. To lessen prom costs, opt out on the limo. Instead, drive yourself or have a friend or parent drop you off. If you live in an urban area, taking a taxi is another option that ends up costing less than the price of a limo for a whole night.


The best way to cut down on the cost of prom is to set a budget and stick to it. Knowing what you have to spend and monitoring your spending will ultimately help lessen the monetary damage to your wallet this prom season. These cost-cutting tips are brought to you by Golden Asp.