Nov 05, 2018

When prom season rolls around, it's very easy to get excited and stressed. There is a lot of planning that needs to be done, such as finding a date, doing your hair and makeup, but most importantly picking out your dress


A formal event usually calls for long dresses for women, and suits or tuxedos for men. How can you determine what is formal and informal to wear to prom? Read the following distinctions:

  • Choose a floor length evening dress. Nothing says formal like an elegant gown that touches the floor. Cocktail dresses are informal for prom and more appropriately suited for events that occur before 6 pm. After 6 pm, invitations usually call for a black tie in which you should expect a more formal event.
  • Opt for a bold color. A semi-formal event can mean a long or short cocktail dress is appropriate, as well as more pastel colors. Lighter colors and fabrics are more often worn at a daytime semi-formal event, whereas in the evening, blacks and darker colors are seen more often, as well as unique fabrics and patterns.
  • Get fancy. You only have so many opportunities at a young age to get dressed up. There are so many great prom dress styles full of sequins and rhinestones, a-line, empire waist dresses, and ball gowns. Prom is a special occasion that only comes once a year, so why not get as fancy as can be for this special night?


Finding the prom dress you love is the best part of the event. Look and feel your best at prom this season and all of the other planning will fall into place. Visit our formal prom dress page for some of this year's best styles.