Nov 05, 2018

Riding Solo


Going to prom alone might seem like the end of the world, but when you stop to think about it, you're left with a night dedicated solely to yourself! Before you have a mental breakdown, stop to consider all of the positives the come with going to prom yourself.

  • The color battle is non-existent. How many times have you stressed over the idea of matching your date? Going to prom alone means you get to pick what color you wear without having to consider anyone else's tastes.
  • Accessorizing becomes easy. Once you've chosen the color of your dress, you have free range of  accessories, including the type of flowers you want to wear or carry. No more stressing about whether or not your date will show up with the correct type of flowers. If you so choose, you could skip out on flowers altogether and splurge on a fancy pair of shoes or a show-stopping necklace.  
  • You can wear your dream heels! If you're particularly tall, you may be familiar with the struggle of having shorter male classmates. If you don't have a date to the prom, you can wear heels of any height without having to worry about hovering over your date.
  • You'll be the center of attention at all times. When you arrive, all of the attention is on you. People are paying attention to you and what you're wearing, not who you're arriving with! Plus, when it comes to pictures, you'll have totally original photos that showcase the beauty of you and your dress without having to worry about posing with a date.
  • Drama goes out the window. When you attend prom without a date, you automatically eliminate a lot of problems that you might have run into if you had brought a date. For instance, you can talk or dance with anyone you like at prom without having your date get jealous. Most importantly, you eliminate awkwardness between you and your date. Going with a friend or someone that you like can lead to an awkward situation when it comes to saying goodnight. You avoid that problem completely when you attend prom by yourself!
  • You'll save money. Buying tickets for prom can get pricey, especially when you consider all of the other aspects of prom you have to pay for, like hair, makeup, and transportation. Going solo to prom eliminates that extra cost so you can use that money on yourself!  
  • You get rid of any pressures. When girl's bring dates to their prom, there is often a certain level of pressure that they put on themselves, whether it's to look their absolute best or to try their hardest to impress their date, which sometimes results in them being someone they aren't. Going to prom without a date means you'll have more time to be with your friends, more time to the dance to the songs you want to, and more time to do whatever else it is that you want to do at prom.


Your prom night should be all about you, regardless of whether or not you go with a date. Prom is all about spending time with your friends