Nov 05, 2018



Finding a date for the prom can be a very stressful situation. You may be torn between deciding to go with a close friend or to go with a crush, which can put a lot of pressure on you! Stay stress free this prom season with these helpful tips for choosing a date.


Bring a companion. Regardless of whether or not they are a friend or a crush, you should go to prom with someone you know well. This will drastically lessen any chance of awkward silences throughout the evening. You'll also feel more comfortable around someone you see frequently, which will help to calm your nerves when planning for other aspects of the prom. Don't forget to consider how this person will interact with your friends, because that's just as important! If you think your prospective date won't get along with your friends, move along!


Ask early! The moment you start shopping for a dress, you should also start considering who you want to take to the prom. By starting early, you'll have more friends to choose from! This also gives them time to plan and make any arrangements necessary so they can be available on your special day. Letting them know months ahead of time will also give them the opportunity to pair the color of their accessories perfectly with the color of your prom dress.


Be thoughtful. Once you have decided who you are going to ask to prom, be thoughtful in the way that you ask them. This doesn't mean you have to pull out all of the stops and do a huge "prom-posal," but the sentiment should still be there. If grand gestures aren't your thing, you can do something simple, like take them out to lunch and ask. Even if the person you are going to ask wasn't your first date choice, it's important to never let that show - make them feel as important as anyone else. As long as you put some sort of effort into asking someone to prom, they're more than likely going to say yes!


Plans are on you! If you're asking someone to the prom, it's important that you handle all of the minor details, like getting the tickets and arranging for a ride. This is especially important if you are asking someone from another school. Avoid putting any kind of pressure on your date by planning ahead with your friends or your parents. When you're ready to find a date, have some, if not all, of your plans in order so there's less pressure on both of you as prom approaches!


Remember that prom is about who you spend your night with, not who you show up with. Even if you don't get to go with your "dream date," that doesn't mean you can't spend the evening with them! Prom is one of the last times you're going to be together with your entire high school class, so focus on the prom experience as a whole and have a great time!