Nov 05, 2018

Make Your Entrance: Getting to Prom Limo-Free


You strut into the prom and everyone stares. You look perfect, beautiful elegant dress, not a hair out of place and make-up done to a T. But how did you get there? Did you come with friends or just your date? Riding in style or decide to spend your budget elsewhere? We have compiled a list of limo-alternative rides for you to take to prom this year:


Drive Yourself: If you are on a budget and don’t want to empty the rest of your piggy bank on a short ride to and from prom, driving yourself is a good alternative. This option gives you a lot of freedom to arrive and leave when you want to. No scheduling or worrying about hourly costs.


Borrow Your Parents Car: Don’t have a car? Or think your parent’s beautiful new sports car will impress your date? This is another budget beater. Odds are you’ll just have to fill the tank and make promises not to wreck their car.

*Note on taking your or your parents car: Always make sure you clean the inside and outside and have a good playlist handy. Good music can make any awkward moment or lull in conversation instantly better.


Trolley: Trolleys are becoming all the rage for prom. They are classy and can fit a dozen of your closest friends. If you fill a trolley with close to 10 couples- 20 people total, it should only cost $30-$50 each. So if you are rolling deep this prom, look into renting a trolley complete with driver and decorations.


Party Bus: Party Bus’s are very comparable to stretch limos but offer a more room and are easier to move around in. They offer an area for refreshments, fun lights and speakers to play your own music. They fit more people and can be way more comfortable than limos.


Classic Car Rental: Expensive but very original! Renting a classic car can mean borrowing some money from your parents but it’s also an incredibly original way to impress your date. Rolling up to Prom in a Rolls Royce or Jaguar will definitely earn you some jealous looks from the guys and swoons from the ladies. But tonight is all about you and your date, so choose a model you feel comfortable driving and make sure she approves.


School Bus: If you want to go to Prom with a large group of people but you all are on a budget and don't mind riding in a less classy fashion, school buses are a great limo alternative. They are much less expensive to rent and you still don't have to drive. They typically can fit anywhere between 40 - 50 people safely.


So be original and limo-free this prom and choose a ride that will be sure to impress or simply one that won’t break the bank. Remember, no matter what vehicle you arrive in, always drive and travel safely.