Nov 05, 2018

Between the cost of the ticket, prom dress, and limo, prom can be super expensive. Add the cost of getting your hair, nails, and makeup professionally done, and you’ll be out hundreds of dollars. Don’t let one night drain your entire wallet! With this DIY-guide to hair, nails, and makeup, you'll be able to achieve the perfect prom look on a budget.



You don't need a professional make-up artist to apply your make-up for prom! These simple applications will have you prom-ready at little to no cost!

  • Natural Look: Achieving a natural look is the best way to go if you don't always wear a lot of makeup. It’s also a great choice if your dress is extremely glitzy, and you don't want to draw attention away from your dress. To achieve a natural look, you’ll want to apply foundation and a light blush that gives your cheeks a slight rosy appearance. For eye makeup, stick to neutral shades of brown and pink. Use eye shadow sparingly, and blend together using a makeup brush to create an effortless look. Line your upper lash line with a natural color like brown, as black can appear too dramatic! Add your preferred highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes appear brighter and more awake. The key to achieving a natural look is to remember that less is more!
  • Bold Look: If you want to go bold with your prom makeup, a great look that's easy to do is the smoky eye. Start out with a base color of your choice and apply that all over your eyelid. Next, use a dark shade of eye shadow and draw a line at your upper lash line. Use a brush to extend the line of shadow up and over the crease of your eye. Then, take the same color and line the bottom lash line as well. Take a blending brush and smudge the eye shadow to create a smoky effect. The goal is to get rid of any harsh lines. The best thing to do is to practice before the big night to make sure you get the look you want!



Having your hair professionally done can get very costly, but there are plenty of styles you can do in your own home. Note - some may require a helping hand!

  • Half-Up/Half-Down: There are so many ways to make the classic half-up/half-down hair style prom worthy. A curly half up-half down combo can create an effortless, elegant look. If you prefer your hair straight, you can still create a flawless half-up/half-down look. Add a sparkly barrette to hold the hair in place for a touch of glamour,
  • Elegant Ponytail: If you’re the type of person who doesn’t fuss about her hair and wants it out of the way, a ponytail is the right hairstyle for you! Just like the half up-half down look, a pony tail is extremely versatile as you can add a braided headband, or a fancy hair-tie. You can even use clips, or use your own hair to cover the base of the ponytail. When trying to achieve this look, make sure to tease the top of your hair to give it some volume, you don’t want your head to look too flat! You can curl or straighten the end of your ponytail depending on what you prefer, either way, this look is easy and elegant!
  • Voluptuous Curls:  Using a curling iron, create waves of elegant curls. Depending on the type of hair you have and it's length, use a curling iron that will create loose waves. Have a family member or friend help you reach the back sections of your hair to ensure you cover your head with curls and avoid burning yourself. Using styling cream, lightly shake out the curls to create a timeless look! Pin back some of the curls in the front to frame your face.



Similar to hair and makeup, having your nails done in a salon can quickly devour your prom budget. Save time and money with these DIY nail ideas.

  • French Manicure: French manicures are a staple in the world of nail art. Why pay upwards of thirty dollars when you can achieve this beautiful nail look yourself. All you need is a neutral pink and white nail polish, a basecoat, and a topcoat. To get the look of the white moons on the tips of the nails, you can use a rubber band by pulling it tight at the top of the nail, leaving the desired amount of room for the white paint. Then paint the tips carefully. If this is too challenging, you can use tape or special stickers for this type of manicure to help you easily get the look. Try using a thin nail detail brush to make painting the white lines easier.
  • Accent Nail:  If you want something that is fun and stands out, try painting your nails a color that matters your dress, and add glitter polish to your middle or ring fingers for a modern look. For instance, if your dress is navy, paint your nails navy blue, then accent your middle and ring fingers with glitter polish. You're color options are endless, and you can choose to accent whichever nail you like!
  • Press-On Nails:  If you're unsure about doing your own nails, the easiest solution is to apply press on nails. You can find a number of designs at most drugstores that are prepped and ready for you to apply. This method is easy, temporary, and more affordable than getting acrylic nails!


This DIY guide will help you get the look that you want for prom without breaking the bank. Remember to practice these looks a few days before prom to make sure that you get the best results; after all, prom does take planning!