Nov 05, 2018

To match or not to match, that shouldn't be your first question; but it is important in the planning of your prom night. From his tie to your corsage, there are a lot of elements that go into dressing for one of the biggest nights of your high school life. We have outlined some of the most important points to consider when meeting your match at prom this year:


Consider Him: Once the man of your dreams asks you to prom, don’t start firing away questions about what you are going to wear. You have to be conscious of his needs and wants, too. After all, it’s a big night for both of you. So don’t cut your guy out of making any decisions for prom, especially the decision of what HE is going to wear. Bring up the idea of matching after you've both tried on certain styles and colors of dresses or tuxedos and picked out a few favorites.


How Much Match: So you decided you want to match, but how and how much? Decide whether you want to completely or partially match. Matching partially can be achieved by having him utilize same color accent accessories that match your dress. Pocket squares, tie clips, ties, cummerbunds, corsages, and vests are all ways to incorporate your dress color into his tux. Purses, scarves, and clutches should all be the same color pallet as your guy’s tuxedo. If he is wearing black with an accent color of pink to match your pink dress, then your clutch, scarf or purse should be black. A great idea for guys is to bring a picture or the actual dress to the tuxedo shop to make sure you will match perfectly.


Color Coordinating: Contrary to most beliefs, your guy doesn't have to wear the same exact color as you to match. Other great color combinations are pink and silver, purple and teal, navy and gold, blue and lime green, or salmon and light grey. When in doubt, fellas, choose a black or white tux. Black and white will match virtually every color dress she can come up with.

Matching can be fun for you and your date, but make sure the colors and patterns are something you both like and want to wear. If you follow our rules for matching, you and your date will look absolutely stunning when you walk into prom this year.