Nov 05, 2018

Are you nervous about asking your dream girl to Prom? Can’t think of special ideas on how to ask your potential date? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From low key to extravagant to down-right embarrassing, here are some of our favorite ways to ask someone to prom:


Low Key: Nothing says simple romance like a single flower and a poem. Some girls don’t need the flair and over-the-top theatrics to woo them. If you are sweet and sincere, how can they resist?


The Delivery: Buy a blank jigsaw puzzle from any arts and crafts store. Put it together and write your name on the blank side of the puzzle. Break it apart and throw it in a bag with a list of instructions saying, “Dear her name, Put this puzzle together to find out who really wants to go to prom with you!” Leave it on her doorstep or have it delivered to her house. Once she gets the puzzle and puts it together, the question will be answered and you will have your date to prom!


The Break In: Get one of her friends to steal her keys for you. When she is busy - either in school or at practice after school - put flowers and a note in her car asking her to go to prom with you. She’ll be so surprised and impressed by how much effort you put into asking that she’ll definitely say yes.


The Interruption: This is a good way to one part embarrass, two parts flatter your potential date. Get a hold of her class schedule and make a point to stop in and stand in front of the entire class and ask her to prom. Interrupting class is usually frowned upon, but if you go out of your way to risk getting sent to the principal’s office just to ask your crush to prom, even your teacher will be swooning. Bonus points for singing.


The Attention Grabber: Poster Board? $10.Stakes and Glue?$5.Markers?$5.Everyone in school talking about how romantic you are and how lucky your crush is that you asked her to prom?Priceless. Take 6 or 7 pieces of poster board and write “Dear her name, Will You Go To Prom With Me? Love, your name” spread across the poster boards. Glue them to stakes and take them to school. Stick the poster board stakes along the curb driving into school. Everyone will see it as they arrive to school that morning and you’ll have your “Yes!” by homeroom.


The Instagram Ask Out: Is the object of your desires a Social Media Junkie? Instagram a photomap of you with signs in different locations saying will you go to prom with me and tag her @username. Your likes will skyrocket and she’ll think you’re even sexier now that you have the same interests.


The Participator: Run to the store and buy a white t-shirt and a permanent marker. On the t-shirt draw two big boxes with yes and no underneath them. Then above the boxes write “Her name, Will you go to prom with me?” Make sure when you decide to wear your shirt that you bring the marker so when you walk up to her she can check off her answer. Also, for a twist on this move and a dash of attention grabber, lose the shirt and draw it directly on your stomach. Just be careful if you’re doing this at school!


Asking your crush to prom can be stressful.Use one of these ideas or get inspired for a creative move of your own and help kick off your prom season the help make it more fun than nerve-wracking. Good luck Romeos! Your Juliets are waiting!