Nov 05, 2018

Prom for Guys


High school girls have a lot to worry about when it comes to prom, from the dress and accessories to hair and makeup, there’s a lot to consider. Still, a lot of responsibility falls on the dates. Ladies, show these tips to your guy friends so they are prepared for the best prom experience they can possibly have.

  • Know the dress code. The difference between a white and black tie affair is in attire. For a white tie affair, men are expected to wear very formal attire, such as a black jacket with tails, sharply cut away from the front, black pants with satin stripe, a white stiff front shirt and separate collar, a white bow tie, white vest, black socks and black shoes. Most proms are black tie affairs, which call for black tuxedos, matching pants, and a dinner jacket.
  • Reserve your tux as early as possible. The longer you wait, the less choices there will be for you. The most popular styles and sizes will be gone first and you do not want to be left with a suit you do not like. Also, don’t forget about dress shoes!
  • Color coordinate. When your date picks her dress, get together to decide on colors for your tie and flowers. They should complement the dress. They don’t have to match; they just have to go.
  • Be punctual. Your date will likely be spending hours at the salon getting ready for prom night. The least you can do is show up on time to pick her up.