Nov 05, 2018

Sexy Siren Vs. Cinderella


Whether you are just beginning your search or you are down to the final two dresses, the sexy vs. sweet dilemma always comes into play when prom shopping. There are pros and cons to both of these looks. To make the right decision follow some of our fun tips below.


Exude confidence in your sexy dress, but remember that all eyes will be on you. If you are not partial to attention, perhaps a Cinderella style may be better for you. If all eyes on you is right up your alley get ready to be a celebrity for the evening and show off your sexy style. Check out some really sexy Jasz dresses.


A sexy siren is comfortable in her own skin and doesn't mind showing it. Pull off this look with a daringly low back dress, or a plunging neckline. You can also achieve this glamorous look with a form fitting mermaid dress, or even a beautiful straight dress with a high front slit. A sexy siren also has to be conscious of herself and her dress when sitting, eating and dancing throughout the evening. Plan ahead and be sure to pack adhesive fabric tape to ensure that your look stays where it should all evening long.


The lovely step sister to a sexy siren is a fun and flirty Cinderella dress. If you are a Senior this may be your last chance to pull off this look. As you get older and attend formals and events, the dress code will call for more sophisticated styles. Unfortunately, the days of glittering pastel ball gown dresses are over once you graduate. Take advantage of the time you have left and opt for this beautiful style.


A full Cinderella dress leaves more room for "care free" fun. This look is typically reserved for the more conservative girl who likes to have fun and stay comfortable at the same time. You'll be less conscious while you flit around the dance floor. The only down side to a Cinderella dress may be dancing close to your date, or getting in and out of the car. These are small obstacles and can easily be navigated through with a little practice and preparation ahead of time. Check out some of our favorite Cinderalla Prom Gowns.


When deciding on your dress style take the venue into consideration. A sleek venue downtown is the perfect scenario for your sexiest dress. If your prom is being held at a Ball Room a Cinderella Dress is a great fit for the occasion.


Follow these tips when considering which style to choose for prom this year!