Nov 05, 2018

To Match or Not To Match...

Once you've chosen who you're going to take to the prom, the next step is deciding whether or not you are going to coordinate you look with your date. Golden Asp has put together a list of considerations you should make if you are going to match your date, as well as a list of tips on how to look just as fabulous if you aren't going to match your date.  


If you are planning to match your prom date, there are a few ways to do so:

Exact Match:  A sample of your dress can be used at a tux shop to find a bow, tie, vest, and/or cummerbund that is an exact match. If you're going to be carrying a purse to the prom, make sure that matches your date's accessories, or is something neutral like silver or gold. Typically, the floral arrangements you choose can be dyed to a similar color as your dress and accessories.

Complementing Colors:  Instead of matching exactly,  choose complementary colors for your date's accessories. For instance, if they're wearing a light blue dress, your date can go with navy blue accessories. This can also be done with you corsage or bouquet and boutonniere.

Pairing With Patterns:  If your prom date is wearing a heavily patterned dress that features  a multitude of colors, you're left with a choice of colors to wear! If this is overwhelming, just go with a neutral color that will look good with anything. If your date doesn't want to match and you do, meet in the middle - he can wear a pocket square that matches your dress, and a neutral color tie and vest.

The Finishing "Tux":  Lastly, you'll need to decide on the color of the tuxedo being paired with all of these accessories. Traditionally, they are black or white, though you can find them in a variety of colors now. If your dress is a darker shade, your date would look best in a black or navy tux. Conversely, if your dress is a lighter color or a pale neutral, your date can go with any color tuxedo.

Not Matching

If you don't want to match, you don't have to! Just be sure to discuss the notion of not matching at all with your date first.

Keep It Simple:  A classic suit will pair well with any type of dress, whether it's a solid color or a patterned, fashion forward piece. You can't go wrong with a neutral colored tie in black or white that is classic, stylish, and sophisticated.

Remember that choosing whether or not you want to match your date is just a minor part of the prom as a whole. Prom is really all about the time you spend with your friends and classmates!