Nov 05, 2018

There are many reasons to get your nails done by a professional for prom night; clean designs, longer lasting, less chipping, the reasons go on and on. But sometimes doing your nails yourself can be cheaper and still yield great results. You probably know the basics of doing your nails but there are a few tips from the professionals that will have your DIY manicure looking fresh and perfect even longer.

  • First make sure you practice good nail maintenance. File, trim and always push back your cuticles before painting. The most effective way of successfully pushing your cuticles back is by soaking your fingers in warm water for a bit then push back to the edge of the nail.
  • Do not shake your nail polish! Instead, roll between your hands for 25 to 30 seconds. This will help stir up the paint inside the bottle without creating air bubbles that could ruin the application of the polish.
  • Practice the 3 stripe rule. Open the bottle of colored polish and remove any excess from the brush so that you have the perfect amount to apply or enough on the brush to cover your nail without double dipping. With a flat brush apply the polish with a top to bottom stroke. Apply in three flat, smooth lines to cover the nail. Always wait for the nails to dry before you apply a second coat. And top and bottom clear coats are a must!

If you decide not to go the DIY route, there are a lot of styles for a professional to help you achieve. Manicurists have a steadier hand to get the lines of any design just right. Know what you want before you go. There are a ton of new ideas on Pinterest or in magazines. From the classic French Tip to long-lasting Shellac to newly inspired Gel designs, a professional manicurist can help you have the perfect nails for Prom.


Whether or not to DIY your nails for Prom or other special occasion, comes down to only you. So think about what style you want and whether you think you can achieve it on your own. At this point, it’s all in your hands.