Nov 05, 2018

Guide to Promposals  


Asking someone to prom (also known as a "promposal") is a nerve-wracking experience. Between the mounting stress of whether or not they will say yes and worrying about how you are actually going to ask someone to prom, the whole thing can seem like a lot to take on. That's why the Golden Asp has put together a fool proof guide to perfecting your promposal this year!


Some may take the traditional route. If a simple, “Will you go to prom with me?” in the cafeteria or hallway works for you, go for it! If you're looking to take a more creative route, there are plenty of unique promposal ideas that can almost guarantee you score a date to the prom. In most cases, many people play with irony in order to lighten the tension associated with asking someone to prom. If you're nervous about finding a date, try one of these unique promposals:

  • Use Food - Who doesn't love a good snack? Whether it's pizza or chicken nuggets, you can use them as a vehicle to ask someone to the prom. Have your local pizza place arrange your guy or girl friend's favorite topping to form the word "Prom?" on top of a large pizza, or attach a note to a box of your potential date's favorite type of candy. Who can deny a great snack?
  • Use Irony - Posters are a huge trend when it comes to promposals. Using ironic phrases is a great way to take off some of the pressure put on you for asking as well as taking pressure away from your potential date for being asked. Use a funny phrase like "Whale you go to prom with me?" and a drawing of a whale on a colorful poster board. Other phrases, like "I might strike out, but will you go to prom with me?" can be written on poster board with baseball images. Play to your potential date's interests and ask them with irony!
  • Use Costume - Dress up like a fairytale character and ask your "Prince Charming" or "Princess" to go to the ball with you. Get creative and dress as a zombie, then create a poster that urges your potential date to "use their brains" and go to the prom with you!
  • Use a Group - Get your friends to help you carry out your promposal. For example, you could have each friend wear a shirt with a letter on it, ultimately spelling out prom. Approach your potential date for an answer! They'll be less likely to say no with the pressure of being watched by a group.
  • Use Balloons – You could fill your potential date’s room with balloons and have each contain a  message. Your potential date can pop the balloons until the inevitable invitation to prom comes out. Or, you could just write out the question on a few balloons instead. Either way, use balloons for a simple but fun way of asking your date to the prom.
  • Use Games – If your date is into games, you could create something tailored exactly to their likes. Try a personalized crossword puzzle, or spell out "P-R-O-M" on a Scrabble board. Fill in a Mad Lib with details about prom night. The options are endless. When your potential date sees the effort you put into creating something on your own, they may be persuaded even more to say yes.


Remember to keep it simple and play to your date's interests. Asking someone to prom doesn’t have to be the most extravagant event ever, but it should memorable. The perfect promposal will have your date talking about it for years to come. Whether you ask in the traditional sense, with an idea listed above or come up with your own, you can't go wrong!