Nov 05, 2018

What to Wear Under Your Dress

Finding your gorgeous dress is half the battle when it comes to completing your dream look. Proper undergarments and accessories tie a look together and take your appearance to the next level.


Backless dresses are the perfect opportunity to wear adhesive bra cups or nipple covers. Adhesive bra cups are great for a natural coverage that will last all night. They offer a bit of enhancement and work well for any cup size. Adhesive bra cups work best with an open back dress, strapless dress or a halter. If you are looking for a little something extra but not full coverage, opting for a nipple cover is a great alternative. These adhesive covers are small and discreet and will create a “barely there” look.


Proper panties can make or break your look. If you are opting for a fitted dress, be sure to complete your look with a seamless panty. There are plenty of great panty options out there depending on your style and comfort level. When selecting your undergarment of choice, pay close attention to size. If you choose underwear that is too small for you it may create an unnecessary line that will show through in your dress that can be eliminated by sizing up!


If you are looking for extra support in the mid section, try a Spanx undergarment. Spanx are offered in a variety of shapes and can be used to pull you in and push you up in the areas where you are looking for extra support. Spanx can help hide a muffin top or even control unruly love handles in a sexy, fitted dress.


Consider these types of undergarments when preparing for prom this year. They offer added support and comfort and can enhance the look and feel of your prom dress on your special night!