Nov 05, 2018

Style Matters


How understanding your body type can help you find the most flattering fit.

Long and flowy or short and flirty? Two-piece or traditional? Deciding on a style can be one of the trickiest parts of prom shopping. If you’re not sure what kind of dress is best, understanding how different features work with your body can be a good starting point to finding that perfect gown.


If you want to look taller…..

When you’re small in stature, it can be easy for certain dresses to overwhelm you.

  • Look for a dress with long, straight lines and avoid anything that visually cuts you in half. An empire waist dress can help make legs look longer.
  • It sounds counterintuitive, but try a short dress! Pair it with heels that have a short toe vamp to transform little legs into glamorous gams.
  • If your heart is set on a ball gown, try one with a traditional top but a flowy skirt so you’re not swimming in fabric.
  • Go out of the box! A mixed media dress can give you the long lines of a gown while letting you show off your legs.


If you want to keep a large chest in check….

No need to minimize your size—but these tips can help make sure the girls stay in place for the party.

  • Don’t wear spaghetti straps. Just don’t. They offer no support and are a pain in the neck (and shoulders).
  • Check out some corset style dresses that have built-in structure and support. Look for a gown with a defined waist and boning in the bodice.
  • Silk illusion is your friend! Plus, it’s very on-trend. The sheer fabric can provide enough coverage to make your chest feel secure (or even hide a bra!) while still appearing to be barely-there.
  • Get a bra-friendly dress! There are plenty of styles that are fun and flirty but also cover enough of your back to wear a real bra. Stick-ons sound great, but gravity always wins.


If you want to give your bust a boost….

Having a small chest doesn’t mean your dress can’t make a big impression.

  • Look for styles that have sequins or beading at the bust. Shiny embellishments can make your chest appear larger.
  • Direct gazes north of your navel with stripes or patterns that appear to point to the girls.
  • Find yourself a sweetheart—neckline, that is. The heart shape of the bust line accentuates what’s beneath.
  • Take the plunge! When you want all eyes on you, nothing beats a super low neckline.


If you want to whittle your middle….

Not everyone’s an hourglass. Fortunately, the right shape can define your waist.

  • A-lines are always forgiving if your aim is to minimize your middle. Their classic silhouette and tummy-obscuring layers of tulle mean Chipotle isn’t out of the question for an after-party snack.
  • Go smooth with ruching. Lumps and bumps can virtually disappear under a few strategically placed wrinkles.
  • Emphasize your waist with an embellishment that cinches you in. And remember that adding a belt can work wonders for defining your curves.
  • Think big! Outrageous elements like peplum, color blocking, and patterns can be bold enough to camouflage a less than taut tummy.


With more than 10,000 styles in our online boutique, there’s a dress for everybody—and a dress for every body.