Unique Prom Dresses

Shop at Golden Asp for unique prom dresses and gowns you won't find anywhere else. We carry the latest styles, trends and brands. No matter your personal style, you want one thing on prom night: to look flawless. This event is your time to shine, and what you’re wearing can take you from just feeling special to feeling unforgettable. With thousands of dresses in every shape, design, and size, you’ll find the perfect look you’re searching for at Golden Asp.
Madison James 20-315


Madison James 20-352


Jovani Prom Dresses 1012


Jovani Prom Dresses 1120


Jovani Prom Dresses 1121


Terani 2011P1003


Terani 2011P1038


Terani 2011P1112


Terani 2011P1153


Terani 2012P1286


Jovani Prom Dresses 02038


Colors Dress 2289


Colors Dress 2362


Colors Dress 2374


Jovani Prom Dresses 2669


Primavera Couture 3213


Primavera Couture 3408


Primavera Couture 3449


Clarisse Prom Dresses 3565


Clarisse Prom Dresses Open Back Sexy Prom Dress


Jasz Couture Prom Dresses 7003


Jasz Couture Prom Dresses 7005


Jasz Couture Prom Dresses 7012


Jasz Couture Prom Dresses 7022


Jasz Couture Prom Dresses 7068


Jasz Couture Prom Dresses 7087


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8137


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8146


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8159


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8167


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8222


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8227


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8243


Morrell Maxie 16251


Morrell Maxie 16252


Morrell Maxie 16253


Tiffany Designs 16394


Tiffany Designs 16401


Angela and Alison Prom Dresses 20008


Angela and Alison Prom Dresses 20053


Ava Presley 35714


Ava Presley 35719


Ava Presley 35721


Jovani Prom Dresses 60283


Jovani Prom Dresses 60285


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60516


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60646


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60667


Your prom dress should be one of a kind, just like you – which is why the Golden Asp has the best collection of unique prom dresses. Prom night is not a time you want to look like everyone else so make a statement with a unique prom dress from Golden Asp and stand out from the crowd. Unique prom dresses include dresses with dramatic patterns, outrageous colors, funky necklines, and high-low hemlines.Whether you choose a dress with a print, a sassy feathered skirt, a bold slit or daring colors, your prom dress will be different from the sea of others. You are unique. Your dress should be, too! Shop at Golden Asp for a unique prom gown that suits your style, your size and your budget.
Please note: Not Every Dress that appears on GoldenAspProm.com is available for In Store Purchase. Short Dresses are available for Online Purchase Only.