Black Prom Dresses

Shop for the perfect black dress in this captivating selection of dresses. Black is a classic color as it can be worn for a sophisticated evening event or an edgy prom look. Our collection of black dresses offers a variety of styles to choose from including a classic long black mermaid dress or a sexy trendsetting black two piece dress. Black is a timeless color choice and can be worn for any occasion.


Madison James 20-301


Madison James 20-319


Madison James 20-322


Madison James 20-325


Madison James 20-351


Madison James 20-363


Nina Canacci 2267


Nina Canacci 3157


Jovani Prom Dresses 3287


Nina Canacci 7030


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8041


Nina Canacci 8173


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8214


Clarisse Prom Dresses 8243


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60298


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60506


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60652


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60669


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60737


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60748


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60782


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60827


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60836


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60864


Jovani Prom Dresses 65978


Colette for Mon Cheri Prom Dresses CL12010


Colette for Mon Cheri Prom Dresses CL12047


Colette for Mon Cheri Prom Dresses CL12052


Colette for Mon Cheri Prom Dresses CL12059


Colette for Mon Cheri Prom Dresses CL12060


Colette for Mon Cheri Prom Dresses CL12071


Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses Long Fitted Mermaid Gown


Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses EW120073


Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses EW120074


Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses EW120080


Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses EW120082


Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses EW120089


Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses EW120129




Faviana Prom Dresses S10417


Faviana Prom Dresses S10423


Faviana Prom Dresses S10441


JVN JVN68131


Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses EW119121


Alyce Paris Prom Dresses 60516


Tiffany Designs 16336


Clarisse Prom Dresses 3787


Faviana Prom Dresses S10200


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The color black remains a perennial favorite as a chic and sophisticated color to wear for prom dresses or any special occasion. Black is the classic color for any formal dress including prom with many different options to choose from. Golden Asp offers an amazing selection of black dresses – including elegant mermaid styles, sleek cocktail dresses, extravagant bedazzled bodices – and more! So, whether you are looking for something sophisticated or sassy, there is a black prom dress waiting for you. 
Please note: Not Every Dress that appears on is available for In Store Purchase. Short Dresses are available for Online Purchase Only.