Prom Dresses and Gowns

With 1000s of prom dresses in stock and online, you will be thrilled with the variety Golden Asp Boutique has to offer. Whether you are looking for a stunning red prom dress, a radiant white prom dress, a sleek black prom dress or even a mulitcolored prom dress - we have it! Consistently recognized as the Best Prom Dress Store in the Philadelphia area, Golden Asp Boutique will help you select from top designers like Faviana, Clarisse, Colette for Mon Cheri, Jovani, Ellie Wilde and many others.
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If you are still trying to figure out the silhouette or style of your prom dress, here are some things to keep in mind:


Ball gown prom dresses:
If you are a princess at heart and a true romantic, this might be the dress for you. Ball gown prom dresses are fitted at the top with a lot of fabric volume all the way down to your feet. Elegant, and timeless, the ball gown prom dress is sure to put the spotlight on you.
A-line prom dresses:
If you want a dress that you can dance the night away in, an A-line prom dress might be your choice. Fitted at the waist and flowing down in crepe, satin or chiffon, these dresses are a classic fun and flirty dress.
Mermaid prom dresses:
If you are looking for a dress that screams glamourous, what better way than a dress that is perfectly fitted and flares out just above the knee?
Whether you have a pinterest board of ideas ready to go, or have no idea where to start, we are sure you can find something perfect for you from our wide selection of designer prom dresses.