The Cost of Prom

Prom is a rite of passage for high school teenagers. This tradition, which started back in the 1800s at Ivy League colleges, has become much more than a school dance. Today, prom is one of the most expensive and extravagant outings for high school students and their parents.

Instead of asking someone to prom, teens are now performing promposals. Girls are choosing their dresses based on what they see their favorite celebrities and social media influencers wearing. Plus, there are over-the-top "after parties" to attend.

In recent years, two-piece dresses and dresses with cutouts were major trends on red carpets. What starts in Hollywood soon finds its way to proms across the nation, forcing many schools to create stricter dress codes. In 2017, girls started to fight back against these dress codes, claiming they go too far and lead to body shaming.

Many schools are requiring girls to send in photos of their dresses for approval by school administrators before prom in order to prevent a girl from being denied entry. We decided to take a look at last year's sales and see what types of dresses were the most popular across the nation and compare those statistics the general guidelines schools are issuing.

Take a look at our Prom Dress Trends & Cost infographic to see what girl's were buying last year...



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