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Planning the Perfect Prom

May 20, 2019

Planning the Perfect Prom Prom is one of the most memorable and exciting nights for any teenager in high school. You want everything from the promposal to the moment you pull up to the venue to be perfect. Since there are many things to prepare...

What Are the Most Popular Colors for Prom Dresses

Feb 28, 2019

While your options are virtually endless when it comes to prom dress colors, there are certain hues that have remained tried and true. These are the most popular prom dress colors: Blue – Because it comes in so many different hues, blue...

Can You Wear a Black Dress to Prom

Feb 28, 2019

Can you wear a black dress to prom? You can’t go wrong with a black dress! Thanks to stars like Audrey Hepburn and Carrie Bradshaw, the “little black dress” has become a staple in formal attire. It’s one of the most popular...

What is the Best Prom Dress Color for My Skin Tone

Feb 28, 2019

Best prom dress colors for skin tones Many people want to look their best at prom, so they consider a look that will pair well with their natural features, like their skin tone.   What colors look good on me? To choose the prom dress...

What is the Best Prom Dress Color to Match My Hair

Feb 28, 2019

What prom dress colors look good on brunettes? Brunettes look great in a multitude of colors, but if your hair is dark, you look best in bright colors. Think jewel tones like turquoise, magenta, or chartreuse. White is another color that looks...

Can I Wear My Prom Dress Again?

Feb 27, 2019

Can I wear my prom dress again? Yes! Prom dresses are quite an investment, with some people spending hundreds of dollars on their dream look. As such, if you can find an excuse to wear your prom dress again, you absolutely should.   How to...

The Different Types (cuts, shapes, styles) of Prom Dresses

Feb 27, 2019

The right silhouette will accentuate your body type comfortably and leave you feeling confident throughout the entire prom. These are some of the most popular prom dress silhouettes and styles:   Silhouette & Shape Guide for Prom...

What are the Best Types of Prom Dresses for Different Body Types?

Feb 26, 2019

When it comes to prom dresses, there is such a wide variety to choose from. Dress designers create there looks based on the many types of body shapes that exist. See which dress type flatters each figure best:  Apple – This body shape...

Should You Wear a Long or Short Dress to Prom?

Feb 26, 2019

Do you wear a short or long dress to prom? The prom dress you wear depends on your personal style and your body shape. Ultimately, you can wear whatever you want to your prom – this includes short and long dresses alike!   Should You...


Nov 05, 2018

Accessorizing For Prom Prom will be here sooner than you know it! Are you ready to dazzle and shine on that special night? Finding the right dress could take some time, but what about the accessories? Accessorizing tends to be at the bottom of a...

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